Join Our Associate Board!

Published on October 18, 2022

The Equal Hope Associate Board strives to build a diverse and invested board of current and aspiring professionals (including students and healthcare trainees) from all disciplines and backgrounds who support Equal Hope's mission to promote equitable health outcomes across Chicago and Northern Lake County by increasing access to high quality healthcare through quality assessment, education, advocacy and navigation.

Our initiatives:

  • Mission Support -- through community engagement, outreach, advocacy, education & volunteerism
  • Fundraising
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Membership

As the Associate Board, we proudly:

  • Attend monthly Associate Board meetings
  • Support and serve on committees that focus on the above initiatives
  • Promote Equal Hope and Associate Board events, initiatives and campaigns to our networks
  • Share and engage with Equal Hope's posts on social media
  • Attend the annual Associate Board retreat
  • Prepare and review our monthly newsletter
  • Recruit interested parties to join the Associate Board and support Equal Hope's mission
  • Attend and participate in Associate Board events, including fundraisers, socials, community engagement/outreach, advocacy, educational and volunteer opportunities

For more information and how to get invovled, please contact