Dana Wint

Community Engagement and Communications Manager

Dana Wint is Equal Hope’s Community Engagement and Communications Manager. She is responsible for our community events, community communications and partnerships and developing interesting and entertaining ways of educating community members on breast and cervical cancer and health disparities. Dana also goes by the name Dana Divine when she is performing.

Dana Divine is a Billboard charting singer/songwriter and record label owner, (Tri-M Entertainment), and is credited with over 45 recordings on the market. Dana produces and hosts a live call-in television show sponsored by Equal Hope. She earned her Master’s Degree in Media Communications, and when it comes to moving the crowed, no one does it better than Dana. Her upbeat energetic performances reach the core of every crowd, and her incredible voice touches the heart of every listener.

DanaDivine.com is a full-service destination website for fans of Dana Divine! Listeners can access content, subscribe to her newsletter, shop for music and find out what Dana is up to these days!