Oreletta Garmon

Navigation Program Coordinator

Oreletta Garmon has 19 years of health care experience and has expertise in quality breast health services and community outreach. Prior to joining Equal Hope Oreletta worked at the Sinai Urban Health Institute as a Breast Cancer Navigator II for the Helping Her Live program.

In 2009, Oreletta served as a health educator in the AmeriCorps at a FQHC. In August of 2015, Oreletta joined Equal Hope as a Community Navigator. In addition to her duties as a navigator, Oreletta also assists the Nurse Navigator in the Extra Help Extra Care Program. In July of 2017, Oreletta was promoted to Navigation Program Coordinator.

Oreletta’s duty as the Navigation Program Coordinator is to train new employees, maintain up-to-date protocols, help the team maintain partnerships with organizations to ensure services and participate in community outreach events. As previously mentioned Oreletta’s background is in healthcare and she has certifications as a CMA, EMT, Certified Phlebotomist and CNA. Oreletta is currently in school working on her undergraduate degree in Healthcare Leadership. Oreletta has a great passion for helping women and men go through the breast health process.