We have changed our name to Equal Hope.

Same great mission. 
Same great care. More great services. Now Equal Hope. Equal because we are committed to connecting everyone with the best possible healthcare. Hope because we believe everyone deserves hope for the future, especially when confronted with a difficult illness. If you need help with breast or cervical cancer services, reach out today.

Uniting to End

Health Disparities.

Equal Hope has developed an evidence based model to understand and take action to eliminate health disparities. Get more information about the model, our Equal Care quality measurement efforts and our research.

From Awareness
to Action.

Equal Hope is an action oriented organization. Learn about breast and cervical cancer so you can be an Ambassador for your and other’s health. You can take action. Schedule your health screening, Join our Advocacy Council, sign up as a healthcare provider Champion volunteer, Donate to help us help others, sign up for our newsletter. Do It Today!

Chicago unfortunately has cervical cancer rates that are 39% above the US average and has a death rate from cervical cancer that is 61% above the national average.

We can eliminate cervical cancer in Chicago. Join us in this effort.

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We're here to help.

No Insurance? No documentation? No problem. 
Equal Hope can get you free or low cost breastcare – a mammogram, diagnostic follow up or treatment if you need it. Even if you have insurance or Medicaid, we can still help you get scheduled and get the care you need.

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No Insurance? No documentation? No problem. We can get you free or low cost cervical care – a Pap test, HPV testing, diagnostic follow up or treatment if needed.

Call us or click below to sign up, we are here for you.

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Equal Hope can provide you information on breast health and breast cancer, cervical health and cervical cancer, how you can lower your risk of both and other information.

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Equal Hope

Everyone should have access to high quality care 
so they can have the best chance at survival. Learn more about our outreach, education and patient navigation efforts and how you or someone you know can access our services.

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Equal Care

We believe inadequate access to quality healthcare
 drives many healthcare disparities. Learn more about our quality measurement and quality improvement efforts.

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Equal Voice

We are disruptors in a healthcare system that fails too many. Learn more about our advocacy and public policy efforts.

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