Securing a Regular Doctor

Equal Hope is dedicated to providing medical homes for clients that lack consistent primary care services.

It is imperative that all clients have access to primary care providers where they can get their annual care needs and health concerns addressed.

A primary care provider (PCP) is your main health care provider in non-emergency situations. Your PCP’s role is to:

  • Provide preventive care and teach healthy lifestyle choices
  • Identify and treat common medical conditions
  • Assess the urgency of your medical problems and direct you to the best place for that care
  • Make referrals to medical specialists when necessary

Medical homes transform primary care practices into what a patient want and focuses on them and their needs. This means you can get all of your health care through one place. Services include primary care, preventive care, specialty care, women’s health care, vision and dental care. Through our medical home placement, patients, family members, and caregivers are at the center of every medical decision.

Contact us today for help establishing a regular doctor. Call us at 312-942-3368 or sign up here today.