Support Resources

Searchable resource lists maintained by reputable cancer support organizations.

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American Cancer Society

  • Resources to help patients and families manage their lives through treatment and recovery
  • Searchable by keyword and zip code
  • Includes free or low-cost resources from other organizations in your area
  • Contact, website, costs, eligibility, handicap accessible, languages, program dates

  • Resources to help find options for senior care and living
  • Searchable by state, city, and zipcode
  • Includes guides about other topics to promote a healthier and safer lifestyle for the elderly
  • Information backed up by a team of experts, with Family Advisors available

CancerCare Helping Hand

  • Resources to help find assistance from organizations providing financial or practical help
  • Searchable by diagnosis and zip code
  • Search filters include co-pays, food, genetic testing, medical equipment, scholarships, utilities, and more
  • Has email and print option for all searched results

  • Resources through a social care network that connects people, programs and social services in their communities
  • Searchable by zip code and includes a map of resource location
  • Search filters include food, housing, goods, transit, health, money, care education, work, and legal
  • Includes free or reduced-cost services
  • Produces a large number of resources with eligibility, availability, provider, languages, cost, contact info, and more

Patient Advocate Foundation

  • Resources dedicated to improve access to quality care and decrease the financial burden of medical treatment
  • Searchable by age, state, diagnosis, and assistance type needed
  • Locates national and regional resources to help you access and pay for quality care
  • Has email and print option for all searched results

Paying for Senior Care

  • Resources for financial options for individuals diagnosed with cancer
  • Searchable by cancer type, care type, and location
  • Other guides include information on technology and services related to elderly care and how to avail them at reduced costs
  • Comprehensive information about programs from the government and non-profit organizations for each city and state