Community Breast Imaging Team Training

Utilizing the mammography quality data and working with Equal Care’s mammography expert advisory board, Equal Care identified a variety of challenges that many mammography facilities or radiologists experience.

Equal Care also found instances of lack of adherence to guidelines put forth by the American College of Radiology. Working with experts from Lynn Sage Breast Imaging at Northwestern, we designed a Community Breast Imaging Team Training curriculum and for 2 years in a row had a one day symposium sponsored by the Coleman Foundation.

This educational event was tailored for breast imaging teams (radiologists, mammography technologists and relevant portions for radiology administration and navigators) serving uninsured and underinsured communities and who are committed to evidence-based quality improvement.

This training brought together an exciting panel of experts who delivered valuable information on the latest American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines, challenging cases, the Mammography Quality Standards Act, what surgeons need from a mammography report, innovative patient tracking and breast imaging practices, and discussion on who may benefit from tomosynthesis.

Teams had the opportunity to develop specific follow-up action plans to improve care at their sites. We hope to re-launch this training in the coming year.