Equal Voice

Equal Voice believes the best way to ensure our voices are heard is through visibility and community led initiatives.

Using knowledge from Equal Care’s work to understand problems in our healthcare system, along with the lived experience of our clients, Equal Voice develops public policy and advocacy efforts designed to create long lasting system change. A lot of our work is focused on Illinois Medicaid and other public programs such as the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer program. These programs serve community members with less resources. Together, with our partners and “fierce ladies in pink,” we have successfully advocated for a variety of legislation intended to promote health equity.

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Advocacy Day

Every year Equal Voice invites Chicago area advocates to join us in Springfield to advocate for important health legislation.

Advocacy Council

The Advocacy Council is a leadership training program, focused on sharing strategies and knowledge from experts to support the development of civic engagement and self-advocacy in communities across Chicago.

Policy Issue Areas

Equal Voice proudly supports programs and legislation designed to reduce disparities for breast and cervical cancer.