Equal Care

We believe inadequate access to quality healthcare drives many healthcare disparities.

Equal Hope’s premier “Equal Care” project was originally named the Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium – a healthcare collaborative seeking to improve the quality of breast care (mammography and breast cancer treatment) at health institutions across Metro Chicago and throughout the State. In so doing, it aims to reduce disparate care and disparate outcomes and to promote an equal chance at survival for all. Equal Care’s projects aim to reducing health disparities and promote health equity for all.

Mammography Quality Data Collection

Quality Matters! Equal Care collects this data from area facilities to improve mammography for all.

Annual Breast Imaging Symposium

Step 1 for high quality mammography is taking a good image. Equal Care collaborates with Advocate Healthcare to train mammography technologists and others.

Mammography Technologist Train the Trainer Program

Equal Care created this innovative program to help safety net hospitals with their tech training needs.

Community Breast Imaging Team Training

Communication between radiologists and technologists is critical for high quality mammography. Equal Care has had several team trainings to improve quality.

Care Process Project

Facilities differ in how they provide care. These differences can affect how easy it is for the patient to get care including the highest quality care.

New Technologies and Precision Medicine

As new technologies emerge, some will access them and some will not leading to disparities. Equal Care is studying this in breast cancer so as to improve access for women of color and women with less resources.

Cervical Cancer Projects

This new initiative seeks to understand differential quality of cervical cancer care and its effects on survival.