Free Breast Health Services

The Equal Hope breast cancer screening and follow-up program navigates women to high quality facilities in the Chicagoland area.

At Equal Hope we believe access to high quality screening is a critical to reducing racial disparities in breast cancer mortality. A woman has a 99% chance of survival if breast cancer is found early on a screening mammogram before symptoms are noticed. The purpose of Equal Hope’s free breast health program is to help women overcome barriers related to access to high quality care.

Program Services Include:

  • Navigation to breast cancer screening
  • Navigation beyond screening to diagnostic follow up, biopsies and treatment when needed
  • Healthcare and insurance navigation
  • All services are offered in English and Spanish
  • Services offered in other languages through Interpretalk
  • Assistance with diagnostic follow up and breast cancer treatment

The Navigators will help schedule appointments, remind you about your appointment and follow up with you if you need further care. The navigators can answer questions and help overcome any barriers or fears you may have.

Call us at 312-942-3368 or sign up here today.