Our Team

Equal Hope’s work is supported by a team of diverse, skilled professionals committed to our core mission of reducing women’s health disparities. Our navigators provide highly valued frontline assistance to women in need of breast or cervical cancer services and to men in need of breast cancer services. Our outreach and community engagement staff work tirelessly to educate the public on these healthcare areas. Our advocacy staff empower community members to pursue change that will address health inequity and our research and quality improvement staff pursue innovative evidence based approaches to understanding our healthcare system and the root causes of health disparities so that we can take bold action to reverse structural racism in our healthcare system.

Our work is led and supported by a governing board, and professionals’ expert advisory committees.

Leilani Lacson, MPH

Data and Communications Coordinator

Board Members

Equal Care – Breast Cancer

Steering Committee
Mammography Quality
Breast Cancer Treatment Quality

Equal Care – Cervical Cancer

Steering Committee