Aired on August 13, 2022

Individual/Community Level Determinants and Managing Chronic and Cancer Disease Outcomes 8- 13-22


The social determinants of health describe factors at the individual and community level that can impact your health outcomes. For example, socioeconomic status, education, food security, and safe housing are all factors that can determine your

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Aired on August 6, 2022

Sickle Cell Disease and Health Disparities


Sickle cell disease, an inherited disorder of the red blood cells, is more common in Black people in the U.S. compared to other ethnicities—occurring in approximately 1 in 365 Black people. This disease can cause substantial,

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Aired on July 30, 2022

Community Health Workers and the Pandemic


In the weeks immediately after the pandemic spread to the United States, disadvantaged communities were faced with reduced access to care, a widening digital divide and inadequate supplies. Community health workers play a pivotal role in

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Aired on July 23, 2022

Heart Disease and the Black Community


Nearly 48% of Black women and 44% of Black men have some form of heart disease. The rate of heart disease is also higher in the growing middle and upper-class Black community than in White Americans with similar

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Aired on July 16, 2022

Cognitive Aging in Elderly Black People


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are increasing in prevalence. There may be almost 14 million Americans with these conditions by 2060. There will be four times

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Aired on July 9, 2022

Addressing Breast Cancer Disparities Nationally and Globally


Breast cancer is the second most lethal form of cancer among women in the United States. It currently affects more than one in ten women worldwide. The chance for a female to be diagnosed with breast

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Aired on July 2, 2022

Roe v. Wade


Roe v. Wade, the historic case that established the constitutional right to an abortion, was overruled by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision on June 24th. Since 1973, Roe has allowed for abortions to be performed

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Aired on June 25, 2022

Maintaining Gynecologic Health


Early detection of disease and other health issues can be important in helping any patient live healthier, happier, and in some cases, longer. In fact, early detection can significantly increase the chances of survival for certain

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Aired on June 18, 2022

COVID-19 and Pregnancy


Pregnant people are, first and foremost, concerned with the health of their unborn child, and some have had reservations about getting the COVID-19 vaccine—only about a third of pregnant people are fully vaccinated. Pregnant people

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Aired on June 4, 2022

Diabetes in the Black Community: Risk and Prevention


In the United States, 34.2 million adults have diabetes, and one in five of them do not know they have it. Diabetes is a leading cause of death in the United States and most common in people

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Aired on May 28, 2022

Myth Busting and COVID-19


It has been two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many people who deny the existence of COVID-19 and believe false information about what is happening. This misinformation/disinformation has impacted

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Aired on May 21, 2022

Prostate Cancer and Black Men


Prostate cancer takes a harsher toll on Black men than other men, including other men of color. In fact, Black men are 50% more likely to develop prostate cancer in their lifetime and twice as likely to

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