Aired on December 9, 2023

Pregnancy & Infectious Diseases


The link between pregnancy and infectious disease remains and is still an issue. Like all adults and children, pregnant people are at risk for developing viral and bacterial infections. Studies have shown that when pregnant, a

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Aired on November 11, 2023

Medical Ethics


While direct restrictions on rights based on race are outlawed, the impact and the issues in medical ethics often involve life and death. It deals with the distinction between what is considered right or wrong at

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Aired on November 4, 2023

The Fight for Economic and Racial Justice


While direct restrictions on rights based on race are outlawed, the impact and inequalities resulting from these restrictions remain. The fight for economic and racial justice occurs on the local, state, and national level. Policies related

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Aired on October 28, 2023

Sexual Assault


Sexual violence affects millions of people each year in the United States. In fact, over half of women and almost 1 in 3 men have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes. To heal and thrive,

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Aired on October 21, 2023

Breastaurant Tour


Host Dana Divine interviews Breastaurant Tour owners Jamie Gilmore (Lizzy J Cafe) and Teresa Ricano (Ricano’s Restaurant).

Aired on October 14, 2023

Breastaurant Tour


Host Dana Divine interviews owners of Bronzeville Winery and Two Fish Crab Shack.

Aired on September 23, 2023

Childhood Obesity


Childhood obesity is a serious health problem in the United States where 1 in 5 children and adolescents are affected. Some groups of children are more affected than others, but all children are at risk of gaining weight

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Aired on September 16, 2023

Breastaurant Tour


Equal Hope is excited to announce its 2023 inaugural “Breastaurant Tour” where together we can reimagine health awareness. This unique tour blends culinary excellence with purposeful giving, inviting our community to indulge their senses while championing a

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Aired on September 9, 2023

Prostate Cancer & Black Men


Prostate cancer takes a harsher toll on Black men than other men, including other men of color. In fact, Black men are 50% more likely to develop prostate cancer in their lifetime and twice as likely to

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Aired on September 5, 2023

Alzheimer’s Awareness


Current reports state that Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death for all Americans and the fourth leading cause of death for older Black people. Additionally, older Black people are two to three times

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Aired on February 25, 2023

The Latest Infectious Diseases


As the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant social restrictions have declined in much of the world, other viruses have been making headlines. Flu, RSV, monkeypox and norovirus are among a number of illnesses to have spiked in

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Aired on February 11, 2023

Primary Care & Prevention


Generally speaking, people in good health rarely need medications or have the need to see a specialist. So, it’s probably natural that most give little thought to selecting a primary care provider. At some point,

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